Pi Musicbox 0.5 Released

Pi MusicBox Logo


Have an extra Raspberry Pi kicking around? Pi MusicBox provides a way to quickly turn it into a standalone streaming device that can fetch music from tons of sources. The latest release of Pi MusicBox adds a bunch of new features.

We took a look at this software over a year ago, and noted that it made streaming Spotify easy, and had support for controlling tracks using Music Player Daemon (MPD). The newest release supports AirPlay, DNLA, Google Music, SoundCloud, and several other music sources.

Since the analog audio output on the Pi isn’t great, Pi MusicBox includes support for a variety of USB sound cards. It’s also possible to use the HDMI port for digital audio output, which can be connected into your home theatre system.

If you want to build a standalone music device, this looks like a great place to start. The user community has built a variety of projects that run this software, which are featured on the Pi MusicBox homepage.


  1. paul says:

    Whats about a bluetooth A2DP renderer?

  2. eccentricelectron says:

    Check out the hack at the bottom of the mopidy page from which this project is derived – an old school cassette player with rfid and embedded pi. Neat! http://www.mopidy.com/

  3. BillBrasskey says:

    YeeeaaahNO. That is what decommissioned androids are for :) I like the improvements to the services and protocols but pi sux for audio as the blurb states. I did like it being housed in the tape player, ee-glad ya mentioned that..

  4. Kubik says:

    And where’s an Arduino? Having e.g. Arduino Pro Mini handling local display and a few buttons for direct operation would be neat.

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