MARCH attends HOPE X in July


The Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyist (MARCH) group is at HOPE X displaying a chronology of Apple computers, everything from an accurate Apple 1 reproduction all the way way up to an Apple Macintosh, and of course including all the II’s in between. Although they are only displaying Apples at this event, don’t confuse them for an Apple group. They love all types of vintage computers from the 1940’s to the 80’s.

[Evan], president of the group, elegantly explained why they are here; “to let people know that vintage computing is a thing and there are people in the area that do that thing”. He would like to encourage everyone who is mildly interested in retro computing to contact their local retro computer group and get involved in the community.

The group also puts on a yearly Vintage Computer Festival in New Jersey. This year’s event has already passed but you can still see what happened as Hackaday was there documenting all the cool stuff.

Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Group

3 thoughts on “MARCH attends HOPE X in July

  1. Phew, I’m not in the background of the photo, thank goodness. Unrelated, but hopefully my suggestions help HaD improve. :)

  2. Yaknow, whenever I see that many CRTs in one shot I’m brought back to my days at Purdue circa 1985-86 doing work for the Purdue Gran Prix (gocart race) and the high-tech scoring system of the time-a mini-mainframe and a shitload of VT100 terminals!

  3. Wow, seeing all those old apples lined up there brought back memories of elementary school. Can any one say Oregon Trail?

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