THP Entry: A 433MHz Packet Cloner

ookloneThe first generation of The Internet Of Things™ and Home Automation devices are out in the wild, and if there’s one question we can ask it’s, “why hasn’t anyone built a simple cracking device for them”. Never fear, because [texane] has your back with his cheap 433MHz OOK frame cloner.

A surprising number of the IoT and Home Automation devices on the market today use 433MHz radios, and for simplicity’s sake, most of them use OOK encoding. [Texane]‘s entry for THP is a simple device with two buttons: one to record OOK frames, and a second to play them back.

Yes, this project can be replicated with fancy software defined radios, but [Texane]‘s OOKlone costs an order of magnitude less than the (actually very awesome) HackRF SDR. He says he can build it for less than $20, and with further refinements to the project it could serve as a record and play swiss army knife for anything around 433MHz. Video demo of the device in action below.


  1. Hirudinea says:

    TV-B-Gone just got some competition!

  2. nobody says:

    Nice work!
    I designed a device to do the same thing (using cc1101) for turning 110 outlet switches on/off, but also decodes quite a few different protocols for temp and temp/rh sensors. It just scans the range looking for rssi threshold and then captures a frame of transitions and then runs the same transitions through multiple decoders. The ones that pass crc/checksum/whatever checks output data.

  3. TacticalNinja says:

    Is this somehow “Watch Dogs” inspired?

  4. wojtekka says:

    You can get a $2.50 cloning RF remote with 4 programmable buttons from eBay. I know that own platform can be used for hacking, analysis, fuzzing etc. in the future, but it’s not like no one has done cloning before.

  5. Sharp T says:
  6. Ty Tower says:

    Same Problem
    What is OOK frames ? Could start by explaining that its not a wall hanger that I received when I searched . No comments on his page . Cant read the page with the black background , cant even see it really so I have to change the view so I loose the benefit of the formating ?
    More thought needed on page layout but the detail looks good when I read the blogs , certainly a useable project for me .

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