TR-909 Teardown

Flickr user [firegroove] recently had to take apart his Roland TR-909 drum machine in order to fix it, and he photographed the entire teardown, offering detailed pictures of the TR-909’s internal parts. The TR-909 is legendary as one of the first fully programmable drum machines that could store entire songs, and its legend is only boosted by its scarcity: only 10,000 were ever made. If you can’t afford or simply refuse to tear yours apart, look after the break for a few more photos from inside.

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Game boy drum machine

[Jowan] sent in this excellent gameboy cartridge hack. The cartridge contains 1MB of flash and an 8 bit serial I/O interface. He’s using it to play percussion with some solenoids and a custom rom. If you guys like it, he might be convinced to put together a how-to on hacking the cartridge.


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