build the ultimate water gun


i ran in to this site “how to build the ultimate water gun” after seeing sony shut down the “retropod” product (sony, get real) any way, using some stuff that’s pretty easy and cheap to get a hold you too can literally make the ultimate water gun. i’m going to make one and have it ready for next summer, i’ll post pictures as i cook it up.

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turn your robosapien in to a supersapien!


now this a hardcore hack, the robosapien sapavr modification adds a second microprocessor to take over control of the robot. this provides “higher brain functions”, non-volatile storage, a pc interface, a many other things. all the old features and many new features can be accessed from the existing robosapien remote control.

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mess your friends with aim (aol instant messenger)

aim this

here’s a fun one, not really a hack, well, we suppose it could be used for all sorts of things, like blackmailing your friends and family, or at least embarrassing them. if you and your friends use aim (aol instant messenger) or ichat you can send an aim “bot” to go and chat with your pal(s) and then have the conversation emailed back to you. this can be a lot of fun since you can choose the name of the “bot” like stacey, age, as in “17” and location– the classic “asl” (age, sex, location) you see in those chat rooms no one ever admits to visiting.

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