16 thoughts on “Build A Lcd Projector

  1. It should work fine except maybe for dim images. LCD/DLP projectors usually have 7 trillions watt lamps, spuing out zillions of lumens in order to project a bright enough image on the screen.

    A pmp will probably not be very bright on the wall. the backlight is not gonna be bright enough.

    If you’re not scared, you can take it apart, ditch the week backlight and replace it with a homebrewed 1000000 watts lamp. Or an overhead projector, whatever is more convenient.

  2. sounds like a great idea. This is the whole idea behind the LCD projector. I am very interested in the suggestions and the complications of actually making this. Right now, I have a broken 17″ LCD that I wish to use for a projector.

    All of the ones that I have seen are using the overhead/dry-erase projectors. Which is fine, but they won’t fit a 17″. I might work on moving the lens around to use all of the 17″ panel.. it’ll get the best quality. otherwise, I guess I’ll just manually size my screen down to fit the viewable.

  3. 1 million watts? No LCD monitor even begins to take up a million watts. That’s 70 dollars an hour worth of electricity! 7 trillion watts would cost 4 900 000 000 dollars an hour to run, and would trash your local power grid. Next time research what ur talking about before u say it.

  4. Does anyone know if I can get lens sets from a UK supplier ? DIYprojectors seems to be the only place to get them, Don’t like the idea of shipping pieces of glass from the states. Just started my build, using a 300w security light(!)with a 230v metal fan (!) does anyone know what temperature you start to do damage to your LCD ? one of those questions that can only be answered after a costly mistake, don’t fancy finding out the hard way..

    many thanks

  5. Am having a school project where i have to incoporate a webcam to make/manufacture a webcam projector using a combinations of mirrors to project a laptop screen on a laptop onto a white board at a distance. Is there anyone who has an ideal on how to go about this please.

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