58 thoughts on “Nintendo Ds Wifi Hacking

  1. “So far all i can see is that there are a bunch of noobs want’n to f up a decent piece of nintendo technology”
    While I echo the sentiment, can I suggest you go learn a real language, loser.

  2. ok i just got done reading all of your messeges and you all keep asking the same questions. first of all to hack your ds to browse the net, check mail or do anything other them its main use (PLAY GAMES) you need a little thing called R4 DS or some other flash card. so until you have one, dont bother trying to hack or you will end up with a very advanced and great looking paper weight.

  3. fuck you …the lot of you who ask stupid fucking questions.step-by-step guide via email? are you from some kind of mental clinic (for extremely retarded people) ? you might as well ask how to proove a negative … fuck this shit.i’m never coming here again.

  4. you guys are fucking idiots. you obviously know fucking NOTHING about hacking (or tech for that matter) so just shut up before SOMEONE goes and hacks YOU. (you obviously are stupid or think we are stupid enough to actually tell idiots like you how to hack)

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