3 thoughts on “Network And Shell Hacks For Tivo Series 1

  1. I read this doc and it talks about putting content onto the tivo, I’m curious does it work just as well removing recorded content?

    Is there reference for that available? I want to hack my series 1 tivo I don’t use anymore to get shows for my video Ipod.

    I assume I need to do what is outlined here but I am curious if there is more I need to do to go from the tivo to the ipod?

    Sorry if this is noob ? but this is all new territory for me.

    Thanks, oh and this is a very well written tutorial!

  2. hi, I own a series1 tivo (SVR 2000) and all I want is to record what my security cam (A/V) captures. I’ve read all the documentation and searched the web for, but couldn’t get a way to record as a standalone recorder WITHOUT a phoneline. Helps&comments would be much appreciated

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