Customizing Your Motorola Vxxx Phone

Motorola v550

Using the USB cable for your Motorola V300, V400+ etc. phone (via Bluetooth won’t work), the P2Kman seem utility, a hex editor, and this tutorial, you can probably teach your phone to make you coffee in the morning. There’s a master list of hacks here, and a few mods especially for the V551 here. Go nuts, and let us know if you can figure out how to make those cool little designs in the cappuccino.

22 thoughts on “Customizing Your Motorola Vxxx Phone

  1. I don’t understand why we can see videos on the motorola v600 and we can’t record… whats the funny about it….. i saw on the internet some one said that is possible to record videos with the motorola v600, there someone here that knows how, please tell me how!!!!

  2. I can’t access the p2kman link….
    I have a V180 that I’m not using, so I’d like to experiment with the hacking thing. I have the ArcSoft program that can sync data between my PC and phone and USB cable. I can sync, but, the V180 is a POS and I’ve switched back to my old NOKIA 3595. If you can help me with the file, I’d appreciate it. thanks.

  3. I have a V60i and I am having trouble getting to the Nam program,I have tried out a few codes which I got form the Internet but none seem to work out.
    If any of you know how to go about it please help me out

  4. I have a Mototola Razr V3 (black)
    I am trying to install a new skin, i have p2k commander, and motoskin….but still not working, i made the skin, but when i use p2k commander, it dose not detect my phone..
    please can i get some help, feel free to e-mail me, i would greatly appreciate it

  5. I just want someone to shed a light on this…. a mr X WAS questioneD by the gadai, as to why he sent a 10yr old child a picture of a penis, plus another text message! naturally the childs mother reported it, and it appears that it was sent from MR X`s phone… and naturally he is denying it. is it possible for someone to hack into mr X`s phone and send a message from it????? or is mr X guilty……please let me know..

  6. Im wondering if there is anyway to “change” my Motorola V186 cellphone for free. I have tried to find free site with software or “unlock” codes. I am at a loss, I would like to find the true potantial of my phone. thanx for your time.

    Please feel free to email me at

  7. I’ve got a V180 phone and a usb cable but I can’t find my software CD so I can add and remove files from PC to Phone. Are there any hacks or free software I can download so I can access my phone. Please e-mail me with any ideas.

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