HOW-TO: Make A Nokia Pop Port To Female Mini Jack With Volume Control

nokia popport
When Nokia announced their music player capable phones they neglected to mention the lack of support for external headphones. Since the release of the 6230 and its related family with mp3/aac playback support, many disgruntled users have made their own home-brew cables to plug in headphones. Today we will show one such mod for the Nokia HDS-3 cable. Our mod includes an analog volume dial integrated into the push to talk unit. The HDS-3 cable ships with the 6230 and other Nokia phones capable of stereo playback.

by Fabienne Serriere

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Make An Infrared Webcam

IR webcam hack

First off — don’t go getting all Silence of the lambs on us, aight? But if you’ve got some legitimate, non-creepy reason you want to record video in infrared, Geoff Johnson’s gonna show you how to do it. He’s gutting a fairly generic USB camera made by Sweex, and is careful to note which steps are Sweex-specific and which are not. You should be able to get this working with any ol’ USB cam you’ve got lying around with possible slight modifications.

Connect Your Handspring Visor To The Internet Via GPRS

Handspring Visor

This hack is for those of us die hard old skool types still making good use out of our Handspring Visor handhelds. You’ll also need a SonyEricsson phone with GPRS and an IR-port to make this work. This hack comes from Ola Eriksson, distant cousin in the Norwegian branch of the Sony Ericssons.

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Customizing Your Motorola Vxxx Phone

Motorola v550

Using the USB cable for your Motorola V300, V400+ etc. phone (via Bluetooth won’t work), the P2Kman seem utility, a hex editor, and this tutorial, you can probably teach your phone to make you coffee in the morning. There’s a master list of hacks here, and a few mods especially for the V551 here. Go nuts, and let us know if you can figure out how to make those cool little designs in the cappuccino.

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