Network And Shell Hacks For Tivo Series 1

hacked Tivo

Here’s a nice a comprehensive guide to start exploring network, telnet and web hacking for your Tivo Series 1 standalone or directTiVo. It covers installing a network adapter, getting telnet access, installing TiVo web, and installing binaries like TiVo FTP server for further hacking delight. Get through this and be the only one at the party who can speak fluent TiVo

3 thoughts on “Network And Shell Hacks For Tivo Series 1

  1. I read this doc and it talks about putting content onto the tivo, I’m curious does it work just as well removing recorded content?

    Is there reference for that available? I want to hack my series 1 tivo I don’t use anymore to get shows for my video Ipod.

    I assume I need to do what is outlined here but I am curious if there is more I need to do to go from the tivo to the ipod?

    Sorry if this is noob ? but this is all new territory for me.

    Thanks, oh and this is a very well written tutorial!

  2. hi, I own a series1 tivo (SVR 2000) and all I want is to record what my security cam (A/V) captures. I’ve read all the documentation and searched the web for, but couldn’t get a way to record as a standalone recorder WITHOUT a phoneline. Helps&comments would be much appreciated

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