Hackaday Links

hackaday links

learn more about the ps2 programming scene

high-quality and professional spit ball launchers.
kick start your new spit ball launching career.
spitwads not your bag?  how about a diy cruise missile?

this bar stool would go really well with your basic stamp kegerator

here’s a huge compilation of hacks using old computer parts.
it’s in german, but don’t let that stop you.
i’ll have to come back and post some of these individually when i am through reading them all.

this one, in particular, looked pretty incredible.

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Hack Your Pstwo To Support A Hard Disk

pstwo hdd
so when sony announced that the pstwo would not support an internal hard disk, a lot of people were rightfully dissapointed.  games like final fantasy xi are not playable on the new system.  more importantly, owners of the pstwo would never get the chance to drive seamlessly from city to city in grand theft auto by running the game directly from the hard disk.  just think of all the people you could be running over instead of waiting for the next city to load.

well, some hacker who goes by the name of automan has rewritten pstwo history.  photos of a pstwo with an internal hard disk have been popping up in forums around the net.  the job is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll need a 12v power supply to power the hard disk, but to help get you started i’ve included the ide wiring images after the break.

are there any brave souls that want to give this a try and confirm that it’s legit?

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