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don’t take off your tinfoil hats quite yet, but just when you thought rfid tags were all about the man wanting to track you, somebody has come up with a more positive application.

dividuum figured that since some rfid tags can store a kilobyte of data, he should be able to gzip a sid audio file and squeeze it onto one of these larger tags.  he then wrote some software for his pc that interfaces with an rfid reader and will play the sid file contained in a nearby tag.  put a stack of cards next to the reader and it will cycle through them like a playlist.

follow the link if you want to download the source or check out a video of it in action.

14 thoughts on “Rfid Music Player

  1. Sounds an awful lot like a punch card to me, and a really high-tech punch card at that. Pretty neat. Maybe this could have application for music purchases? You pay one-time for a certain number of cards with music on them, and then when you get sick of listening to a song you just swipe it and swap for another song. I realize it’s only 1 kb right now, but it’s a thought.

  2. ok… so… could this be applied at walmart to make the registers play different notes with different items? Or advertising messages! lol… that sounds more like them.

    on another note, I notice people (inc.) ignore the warning “please return to the…” of the the theft-prevention doodad. if that’s the habit what’s to stop someone who really did steal something from just walking out like nothing happened too? I think the doors should slam shut and warning should be “Stop! One of you has a chocolate bar in your pants… prepare to be gassed, oh damn now you all do.”

  3. holy crap that is a good link jake but I do have wonder about the legitimacy. christ, i might go for one to replace my 40 giger. I don’t really need it but for 200, what the hell, why not!?

  4. dam, that’s some slick usage of one of the fastest growing technology. goes to show that rfid doesn’t have to be so expensive. just let the programmers push it forward with homegrown apps instead of the big corps.

  5. The RFID tags mentioned are not the sort of EPC compliant tags that you’ll eventually see showing up on shipping crates and store shelf items. Current EPC1 tags only support 64 bits and Gen2 *should* support 128bits.

    The tags this person rewrote are probably ISO159 or Philips ICODE (which are not EPC compliant).
    Is this a Tesco tag?

  6. Does anyone have a source for cheap RFID stuff? My house has a door buzzer, and I was thinking it’d be cool to add a rfid reader to the door, and get it to buzz myself/friends in without using a key, ditto for my car. I’ve googled quite a bit, but I haven’t had much luck finding anything other than $500 “RFID Kits”

  7. Guys i have a question. our church got a cell phone jammer. Can u give me some ideas on how i can countermeasure it. so i can text message at least. gimee some ideas how i can screw with the jammers signal or something. so plesae email your ideas at Nik139@hotmail.com

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