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This will take patience, time, skill, and jolt cola. Tim Schuerewegen released the driver and application necessary to allow anyone with a Nintendo DS, a GBA flash cart, and a supported wireless network card to load any homebrew demo/app on their DS. You could do it with PassMe
but now it can be done wirelessly.

What You Need
PCI or PCMCIA wireless network card with the RT2500 or RT2560 chipset
(complete list here)
NOTE: USB version (RT2570) will not work
* Tim’s modified driver and application (local mirror: driver, application)
* Gameboy Advance flashcart (more info here)
* A computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP

just take your time and read everything step by step

32 thoughts on “More Homebrew Nintendo DS Fun

  1. This is what a real console hack looks like, ladies and gentlemen. Notice there is no DNS redirection, or reliance on a built-in feature of a single game.

    This is a bit late though, this software was released last week.

    Also it should be noted that there is now a homebrew firmware replacement for the DS which will enable any DS to load DS homebrew programs from a GBA flash cart.

  2. ok first off is this just a hack for downloading music onto your nintendo ds?
    second, i seriously hope someone comes up with a really cool psp hack, cause that internet thing is ok, but i need something that will prove once and for all psp is the shit!

  3. #5 – this is a hack for the ds that allows it to run homebrew (ie non-commercial) roms from a flash cart in the gba slot after downloading the passthrough from your computer using the ds’ wireless features. using this, you’ll also be able to update the firmware on the ds to allow it to do run these roms without the need for a passthrough.

    i seriously think that if this can happen so soon in the ds’ life there’s no limit to what can be achieved. they’ve re-written the actual firmware of the console. i’m not trying to start any flamewars or anything, but this is a much more significant hack than anything we’ve seen on the psp, which seems to be completely based on the browser access to the internet.

  4. i completely agree with #8. this hack shows a lot of possibbilty. Hopefully someone with the skills, time and willingness to posssibly kill a psp will do something similiar for it. I think the psp has the possibilty to be the best gaming/media device out there right now.

  5. ok, i see the awesome potential of this accomplishment, and heres my 25cent idea!..
    1 load an os to the ds, like wince2003, over the wireless. im not sure how much space its got, but if possible load it as firmware, make sure to add wifi b protocals, and a version of ie, i no all this can fit on 64mg cause im typeing this on an ipaq. the ds has a arm proc, right? so with little-no work, wince2003, or 2002 could Be loaded, maby a few drivers, but thats about it. with wifi b and ie, the ds functionality eould be equal to psp, altho, from what ive seen, the psp has amazing potential…

  6. ok, now its hacked and ready… will somebody make a program which u can run as a server on a pc to offer streaming media to the ds? such as right clicking a folder and have an option “share to ds”, then on the ds be able to browse the files and run them like videos, mp3’s, text files, etc

  7. this looks pretty cool. i dont want to start anything, but, c’mon, we all know the psp has better features than the ds WITHOUT hacks. just imagine it WITH hacks. also the psp has a bigger screen that can produce better grafix. it also has the abilty to download stuff permanatly and update itself. and the problem with the ds is that it can never have a ds2tv adapter cause it has two screens. wats worse is that one of ’em is a touch, which totaly KILLS the idea completly. i happen to have a ds, but i plan to sell it, along with some other stuff, to get a psp. so, unfortuatly, in the war aginst psp and ds, the psp MURDERED the psp.

  8. all i have for wifi (beside the ds itself)
    is the nintendo usb connector…will that work with anything? cuz my ds is boring………
    and if anything does…what link maybe?

  9. Hi, i have an nintendo ds and i have done a lot of reasearch and i have found out that Opera software has created a web browser for nintendo ds. I was just thinking… since there is hard drives and card readers for it which can be found at these sites…
    and here, I was wondering if there could be some download stuff or like a new hack that can copy games and you can put them on there or like put an os on it… what do you think…

  10. any suggestions on good sites for homebrew? also re: the firmware comment, do i actually want to upgrade? with my psp i had to downgrade (new hack wasn’t out yet) ds is brand new and shiny, don’t want to brick it yet!

  11. any suggestions on good sites for homebrew? also re: the firmware comment, do i actually want to upgrade? with my psp i had to downgrade (new hack wasn’t out yet) ds is brand new and shiny, don’t want to brick it yet!

  12. I randomly disagree with post numbers : 34,822 & 972,836.

    Those two people obviously have not worked out that the answer is indeed 42 and not 1024 as some would have you believe.

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