Asterisk Pbx On Wrt54g

wrt54g hack
the linksys wrt54g has been the target of many hacks taking it far beyond its original intended mode of operation; now going so far as becoming a personal telephone company. David DeLauro has set up an asterisk pbx system on top of the the openwrt firmware package. asterisk is a fully featured pbx system. in theory this set up could allow you to wire your whole house through one voip connection. you can even script the dialing sequence so that certain prefixes are handled by different carriers. the router has limited storage space, but you could probably use the voicemail features by mounting network storage. with enough ingenuity you should be able to pipe all of your communications and entertainment over ethernet.

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Hackaday Links


mmmm links. tasty, fresh, links from the “webnet” as i like to call it. we’ve got some good ones today and I also want to ask you to pay close attention to tomorrow’s lazy afternoon post as we’re going to be asking you readers something important. we appreciate it.

vegetable oil for cooling? we roll with mineral oil here fool. [JB]

[weirdguy0101] gives us two tasty links to choose from (hot or mild baby):
use just about any hard drive in your PS2
then use your ps2 as an ftp server (if you’re that desperate)

if you’re using the smoothwall firewall, add some LEDs to it to pimp it out. [anona-dork]

gameboy emulation on the psp is now possible (to an extent)
us gov. confirms they were  compromised (read: 0wn3d) by some hacker last year
firefox still full of holes and what not
a must have for the frequent modder

don’t forget, you can still cop an xbox by hacking iis 6 at
oh yeah. sorry we forgot to mention that PSP’s UMD format got cracked

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