Asterisk Pbx On Wrt54g

wrt54g hack
the linksys wrt54g has been the target of many hacks taking it far beyond its original intended mode of operation; now going so far as becoming a personal telephone company. David DeLauro has set up an asterisk pbx system on top of the the openwrt firmware package. asterisk is a fully featured pbx system. in theory this set up could allow you to wire your whole house through one voip connection. you can even script the dialing sequence so that certain prefixes are handled by different carriers. the router has limited storage space, but you could probably use the voicemail features by mounting network storage. with enough ingenuity you should be able to pipe all of your communications and entertainment over ethernet.

10 thoughts on “Asterisk Pbx On Wrt54g

  1. That site was on a little dsl connection on a 300MHz machine! It was freaking out… I have since moved the site to a 2-T1s connection and a fairly fast machine.

    You can change the link back :D

  2. Um, is there any hacks available for the MIMO Linksys SRX router, which is waaay better than this one, especially for this kind of stuff, being that it has better range and speed. Running this off a WRTG54 might crowd it…

  3. Heh,I didn’t take it, I just got here. For everyone that is wondering: I am the new contributing editor. I will be writing the daily hack posts (I started with the proximity card spoofer). Vince will be doing the link posts/lazy afternoons and other fun stuff.

    About me: I just got a B.S. Mechanical Engineering, I live in Nebraska, I design and program HVAC control logic, I’m a Gentoo zealot (the first step is admitting… ), and, well, I’m glad to be here.

    Hope you enjoy the posts and keep sending in the great tips!

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