Lab Power Supply

Here is a great power supply project. No, it isn’t just some simple case mod with binding posts. A lot of thought was put into this, plus a lot of disclaimers. I wouldn’t be too scared though, Andy Batts has got a lot of information covering most everything you need to know: Dell’s weird wiring, expected current, using a sandbar load, and not poking around inside while the thing is plugged in. I’m going to do this to a couple power supplys because it is sure to make future projects a lot easier.

[thanks momotarosan]

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

good news. lazy afternoons will continue in full effect. so that means more hacks, more fun, more nuttiness. now, usually on lazy afternoons i’m asking you guys something. so let’s get right to it:

how do you beautiful readers feel about podcasting hackaday? we’d take Q&A, discuss subjects, talk about new hacks, interviews, news, etc. I feel like it could be a lot of fun and we could have a lot of interactivity with you the readers and it’d be a lot of fun. so. be sure to comment and let me know what you think about that. because that’s even MORE hackaday fun comin atcha.

so let me know. please! comment, e-mail, carbomb me with fireworks spelling out “YES!”

oh man. let’s start off with this. we got outselves a mirror…made out of wood thanks [yamana]

it doesn’t stop there. check it out, it’s another alternative fuel method. through carbon and fusion reactions and other half-life-esque stuff (no seriously, check out the “fuel”) I love it! Looks dangerous but whateverrrr. thanks [eric]

and yeah, there’s more cooling mods out there. [activitie]
Look! [Zsk009] made a hackaday firefox search plugin! thanks!

the mac mini just got better, bigger, stronger (I love saying that)

now, of course we need an EZ to do hack right for you all right? well yesterday i wrote up a short HOWTO for engadget showing all the DS (or GBA SP) lovers out there how to make a very simple external  battery pack (and yes, it’s small and looks nice). the pack isn’t for another 8 hours of gaming, but rather as a backup battery. if your DS is about to die and you have another level to go before you beat your game, then this is what will save you from a mid-life crisis because you couldn’t get all the stars in your rehashed copy of super mario 64 (oooh, below the belt).


HOW-TO: quickly whip up an external Nintendo DS/SP battery pack

allright, the afternoon is young. im lazy. i’m going to eat some pizza and pass out…but in my slumber, i hope you all think about the podcast and respond with feedback on the idea of having one. you guys could really send in some great questions and what not so have at it. comment away.

until friday which is my birthday so send me gifts this has been a hackaday lazy afternoon

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