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  1. I’m a rock/hardcore/emo/screamo fan… bands like Thursday and Thrice. Also some indie bands life Back After Dawn, murderbook, and The Plastic Constellations.

  2. Is the book your talking about Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea if so it is quite cool.
    As for music I like everything lately I’ve been mostly listening to Nine Inch Nails again since they released that new album.

  3. I think I might have read the book that you talk about if it is the same one which orange mentions. Good read. I listen to mainly ska/punk stuff but I’m playing the hell out of my new Bob Marley compalation album I got today :D

  4. music: everything pretty much, except country

    i don’t think that aristotle was a hacker simply because things like hacker are something much more modern and not backward compatible, he was more curious then anything

    and that camp for young hackers sounds like a n-a-z-i- (strikethrough) geek camp. Kids should only go there if they actually like that kind of stuff, and not be forced into. Plus a sports camp is probably whats best. Kids have plenty of time to sit at home and break dad’s computers and what not. Plus to all the little guys, what the camp forget to mention is that there will be no girls. i’m a lot of them will change their mind after finding out about that little secret

  5. Music is music, and it all soothes the savage hack at some point. I like Tool, Ramstein, DMB, Disturbed, Caroline’s Spine, Ludacris (sp?)… There’s really no rhyme or reason it it all, so long as it makes yo’ ass jiggle while you solder, um, yeah, er um, something like that. *runs and hides in plain site*

  6. I’m guessing the book is “Zero: the nothing that is”
    It was a great book. I also liked “A history of Pi” http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0312381859/qid=1117828725/sr=8-4/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i4_xgl14/104-9065734-9763923?v=glance&s=books&n=507846
    which seemed similar.

    Speaking of music, I’m heading for a roadtrip to Bonnaroo next week.
    Bunch of friends in an RV. Beer, music, and a grill. Rock.

  7. I listen to all sorts: noise-rock/avant-garde, noise, hardcore, thrash, asian pop and hip-hop, some visual-kei, traditional Greek music, but mostly experimental noise-rock (there are others I can’t think of right now as well).

  8. Not more Rock/Metal/Punk, bleh! Why not just throw some Brittany Spears at me instead? I’d enjoy it about as much. By the way, rock is a pretty all-encompasing genre. Can’t you people come up with something more specific? (#12 excluded)
    For a good, solid sense of nostalgia and political messages I go for Michael Franti with Spearhead. For high energy, Africanized beats (that’s “beats” not “bees”) you can’t go wrong with Exentric Sound System. A great live band is Aphrodesia. If you want oldschool a good choice is A Tribe Called Quest and if you want to go really oldschool I suggest Billie Holiday or Nina Simone. Coldplay has a good live album and Cibo Matto has a sweet track called Sci-Fi Wasabi in which she rhymes “in the lobby” with “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Can’t go wrong with that.
    Anyway Vince, if you want to take a look at what I’ve got shoot me an email and I’ll send you my iTunes playlist (yes, I use iTunes). I have 411 albums with 112 artists.

  9. Your mention of reading about 0(zero) reminded me of my mother and her…condition. As we were eating dinner one night my dad had finished reading “Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea” another book about the #, and somewhere in a discussion we were haveing my mom asks “Well what is it about?” to which I replied, “Absolutely nothing.”

    Also for my music prefs I like alt/rock, techno, trance, some classical, some metal, and i guess some emo too.

  10. i’ll be the strange one here. i listen to classical music. yes, beethoven, mozart, yo-yo ma. lately i have also been listening to Blue Man Group. i like it because it is rock music without the bad part, the lyrics.

  11. music: just about anything that sounds good when played loud enough to piss people off. some examples would be fu manchu, clutch, kyuss (but not queens of the stone age, don’t care if they are the same band), crystal method, soil, 311 (the old stuff anyway), hed p.e., helmet, dropbox, dmx, and just about anything else i can get my music hungry ears on.

    i’ve also found all sorts of good -free- music on music.download.com. just have to sift through the rubbish though.

    the first hacker: technically speaking going by the general definition that a hacker creates stuff, wouldn’t the inventor of the wheel or clothing or something like that be the first hacker? not trying to argue the point or anything, just me two pennies.

  12. yah know, you sure do have a lot of lazy day afternoons….but w/e, i cant really judge you cause i dont know you. i actually have a hack project currently in construction, its a simple little tazer that i whipped up. when i get it finished ill try to send sumthing to you. oh….fav. music…..it would def. have to be rock.

  13. That band that used the dot matrix printer for an instrument was kinda cool.

    Lessee… I have a lot of NIN, but not their new CD. Foo Fighters are good. Dirty Vegas is alright sometimes. Radiohead’s cool. I got other stuff too, but it’s just the normal “punk rock”/pop-rock/alternative stuff.

    Also, Johnny Cash was good, even though most country isn’t I think (It doesn’t feel at all imaginative to me–I mean, 19th century sentimental songs probably took more brain cells to write). Then again, I’d probably put Cash in the rock column as much as the country one.

  14. I’ve been trying to get my friends with iPods to install podzilla on them, but they’re afraid of power or something. If only there were some hacks for my iAudio player.

    On music, I like the electronica, specifically trance, and more specifically progressive and melodic trance (most of Paul van Dyke, Tiesto, NuNRG, ATB, and a bunch of other stuff). Indie rock can also be good, as in the case of The Postal Service.

  15. Music: Hardcore is my favorite (zao, soul embraced etc) i listen to DI.fm a lot when doing tedious stuff and my fiancee has gotten me back into classic rock and 80’s music.

  16. I listen to glinkies, post boredom, manta x, and swine.

    None of those bands exist, but it doesn’t matter because nobody cares what other people listen to anyway, does it?

    Make with the hack, and sh*tcan the yak.

  17. Diogenes was the first hacker. Watch the rest of the series and you will see him.

    Diogenes was anti-social, unmannered, and lived in a fakin wine barrel. That is hacker. He modded a wine barrel into a home. Dude.

    Aristotle is more of an apple man I believe, where Diogenes is linux because he is what’s best for society, and no one knows it but him.

  18. Holy Crap! That “Lockpicking Jazz” was not hyped the way it should be! The link labeled: Physical Security Workshop at 21C3 in Berlin 2004 104 minutes, Windows Media
    has a new lockpicking technique that any idiot can master, and open even the most difficult locks!
    It’s called “bumping”…VERY cool stuff.

  19. ~mmmm! Music! I listen to a lot of stuff from sounds are active and the Jersey label Sounds Familyre. http://www.soundsareactive.com and http://www.soundsfamilyre.com. Both are chock FULL! Of free music. I love soul-junk (spazz hop/trip hop/skip hop/classic rock) and woven hand (banjo lovin’ American Gothi/Russian apocoliptic folk). You also gotta love the noise stuff like http://www.broadcastatic.com. Two hour shows every Tuesday night are posted.

  20. I’m a compulsive downloader so my music tastes have a favorite from pretty much every genre I’ve been exposed to, rockabilly (mike ness), psychobilly (nekromantics), ska (1st wave toots and the maytals and second wave slackers not so much a fan of the third wave), crustpunk (leftover crack), metal (3 inches of blood), pop (maddona), blues (lee perry), nerdcore (mc chris, atom and his package), hardcore (stretch arm strong), country (johnny cash, roger miller, roy orbison), techno (chemical brothers), pop-punk (the queers), homo-core (pansy division), rock-and-roll (turbonegro)…and on and on I’m to lazy to keep going

  21. Archimedes was born almost a century (97 yrs.) before Aristotle. He helped defend Syracuse from naval assault by designing crude parabolic mirrors to burn sails and winch-driven cranes to pick up ships and drop ’em onto rocks. If that doesn’t qualify him as a 1337 h4x0r, I dunno what does…

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