Hackaday Links


i’ve been into louis xiv lately. they’re really goofy. this is also goofy and symbolizes probably the slowest day in news history ever.

and have you guys noticed that windows xp n (dumbest name ever) isn’t selling for crap? tsk tsk.

WoW apparently has an unfinished area that’s accessible. i always liked finding things like this in video games (::cough:: halo 2). [jon]

google maps also apparently can be hacked to show the casualties of the iraq war. pretty interesting how it’s done (don’t give me political crap in the comments, the only politics i want right now are red and blue jello duking it out for my tasting pleasure)

yet another phone being hacked into a cellphone. this one has fischerspooner so you gotta see it.
thanks [cosmicwimpout]

south africa has a tv show based on open source. odd, but cool. check it out.

lastly, if you haven’t checked out our new blog Download Squad yet, you should. I’ll be hitting you all up with mostly mac and linux goodies.

Oh and iTunes 4.9 w/ Podcasting support came out today. We should have an RSS feed for our podcasts in a few days. So I’ll be sure to let you all know!


: my joystiq coverage of gameriot is up. comment and you can win some free swag!

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