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Just a quick update before I head to the airport. I would have told you Amarillo folks I was coming if I had been spending more than 24 hours here.

A few have asked about the Philly meetup. I don’t live in Philly, Vince does, I live in Lincoln, NE. So, feel free to hold meetings and I will post announcements, but i’m not going to be in PA. As always you can check out #hackaday on EFnet.

Do you know the story of the late John Britten? He built a competitive GP bike from the ground up. Now you can buy one for $249K. It’s unfortunate that Britten passed nearly 10 years ago, but at least the MotoCzysz C1 is trying to recapture the spirit.

[Luke Kanies] tipped me that Paul Frank was on the cover of Inc. magazine wearing a Hack-A-Day Beanie. Uh, we don’t make beanies. I checked out the magazine and it is really difficult to make out. A little googling turned up Paul Frank’s Skurvy product line.

[under_R_run] abuses a kiosk in Baltimore
How not to build a laptop [benhou]
Cyborg name generator – because you have to put google ads next to something

I was trying to use pickupline to bypass the wireless captive portal at Denver International yesterday, but was having problems. I think they hard coded eth1 into the spoofer. Anybody else had a chance to play with this? Time for round two.

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