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adb optical

Here’s an easy hack compared to our usual craziness. Reader [Alex Dawson] was having issues with his Apple Pro Optical mouse. The new mouse had broken its USB cable connection internally due to insufficient strain relief. Cases for these mice are epoxied together and working on them is a one-way trip, never to return to their original state. He salvaged an ADB mouse and disassembled it with ease. The optical circuit board fit into the ADB case without any trouble. The button switch on both mice is exactly the same and almost in the same position. The optical sensor does not line up with the hole though. Once the ball ring was fused in place, Alex cut a new slot for the sensor. That’s all it took to end up with modern performance and old school flavor.

15 thoughts on “Optical ADB Mouse

  1. I was actually expecting to see an optical mouse with an ADB connection then :( Nevermind though, cool hack! :)

    Also: Yes, I did notice that the PSP Linux site was down. How much progress was made? I started looking into them when buying my DS piqued my interest in the new portables.

  2. “I noticed the guy’s leg was in one of the shots. The real man’s workbench is his lap. :)”

    that makes using those pointy jeweler’s screwdrivers interesting. it’s a good thing he didn’t have to solder (ever get a big blob of molten solder on you?)

  3. No, I’m pretty sure it’s mice…

    Makes me wonder if I really did get rid of those ADB mice I had lying around the house from my first Performa 6116CD. Picked up a ADB to USB adapter for old-school flavor without the hack, but where’s the fun in that? :D

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