Multicolored ethernet controlled LED lamp

led lamp

[Laurens Tromp] stumbled upon this LED lamp project while looking for a datasheet. The lamp has two heads with 252 LEDs each. The individual heads have equal number of red, blue, green, yellow and white LEDs. At the base of the lamp is a touch pad that has a virtual slider for each individual color’s intensity. The heads can be controlled separately or together. The lamp can also be operated over ethernet since its controller is a RabbitCore RCM2200. The only answer I can’t seem to find in the extensive documentation is how much this milled aluminum monstrosity weighs: 110 pounds.

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Camera adapter for detecting melanoma

ring adapter

[MM] has built a simple lighting adapter for analyzing skin lesions. Different layers of the skin absorb different parts of the light spectrum. By shining those particular wave lengths on the skin you can get an image of the lesion in various layers. This camera adapter is designed for a Nikon Coolpix E3100 digital camera. The ring of LEDs contains blue, green, red, and IR. White is included as well for taking normal pictures. A polarized filter is used to cut down on light reflections from the skin surface. The device does have some calibration issues since it was soldered by hand, but the preliminary results look very promising.

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Cheap car stereo


[Chris Rybitski] didn’t really have any money to spend when the headunit in his car died. He did have a broken JVC CD player from a friend and decided to convert that into something hideous he could use in the car. The amplifier portion still worked, but the CD section didn’t. Unplugging the CD board kept the amp from functioning, so he cut off the bulky motors instead. The internal power for the player was already 12V so he powered it directly from the car. He added an old CDROM drive, made a wired remote for the controls and stuffed everything in an old Mac case. Once completed, he set it under the rear glass for everyone to admire.

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Computer controlled multiple light dimmer

light dimmer

[SeBsZ] built this 16 dimmable lights controller based on his friend Christian N?g’s PC_DIMMER project. The PC_DIMMER project supports up to 128 individual lamps with 255 steps each. The controller boards feature an Atmel ATTiny2313 microcontroller that controls 8 lamps. Sebsz built two boards for his project and has status indicators mounted on the side of the box. Everything is driven by Christian’s free software through a serial connection. SeBsZ warns that this is a 230V@50Hz design and you will need to modify it if you intend to use it in the US.

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Email on the Cisco 7960

cisco 7960

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G is becoming fairly common in corporate environments. The phone has a built in XML browser for navigating menus. [Nick] decided to hack together a PHP application that will let the phone display email messages in a POP3 account. In its current form it works with most text-only messages, but limited filtering means it could fail on some.

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