Building IR Peripherals For The PSP


C.K. has always been the goto guy around here when it comes to testing out new PSP hacks. Firstly because he was writing a PSP Hacks book and had plenty of hardware laying around; Secondly because it kept me from having to field questions in the excessively long firmware threads. The book has been published and O’Reilly has posted some sample chapters. Thomas Novotny wrote this chapter on interfacing the PSP with peripherals over IR (PDF). It’s similar to our previous entry, but has better documentation and doesn’t assume that you are experienced with microcontrollers.

12 thoughts on “Building IR Peripherals For The PSP

  1. Semi-related. Does anyone know if I can use the Lego Mindsotrms IR Tower (usb version) as a receiver for anything? There are a few thngs i want to do with my psp and palm pilot that i could use a receiver for…is it just a matter of giving it different drivers or what?

  2. Thats awsome, i might have to go pick up this book.

    To #1: Assuming they are standard parts and not propritary lego parts, it should interface with a microcontroller the same way, it’s the code in the controller thats important, i’m almost certain that Mindstorms it 100% programmable, so it should just be the code you need. It acctually would be impressive to see a PSP based Mindstorms controller.

  3. in response to #1

    I thought of the same idea with my serial version. I think that I even got to the point of actually pointing infrared stuff at it whilst monitoring the serial port – Nothing happened. As far as I know, what you are proposing is practically impossible without modification. – It would be difficult with a serial version and probably even more so with the USB ones.

    However, if you have a modern desktop, there’s probably an IR header somewhere on the motherboard. I’ve seen tutorials for hooking up stuff to these so you can use them. This is probably the easiest route to do what you want.

    BTW: you forgot to say “first post”.

  4. @ #1:
    No, I’ve looked around a lot and it uses some weird communication protocol or something…I dunno…I just know it can’t be done.
    Well, no, it probably CAN be done, it’d just be incredibly difficult. I’ve checked several times, and I’ve never seen anoyone whose actually managed to get it to work…just a lot of people saying it’s not possible.

    I think they might also use some non-standard diodes or whatever that cause it to use a weird wavelength…not sure about that though.

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