Nintendo DS MIDI Port

nintendo DS midi

[therain] has added a MIDI port to his Nintendo DS. It’s just a two wire connection so it’s pretty easy if you’ve got an extra cart laying around. As a demo, he wrote a program that uses the touchpad to act as two Control Change devices. One is the X value and the other the Y so it behaves similar to the Korg Kaoss pad. He’s working on a sequencer as well.

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  1. Ah, I see that steve’s eloquence and cultured behavior has returned.

    Anyway, what I really like about this hack is that it makes a fairly useable synth. Lots of other midi hacks (the roomba one comes to mind) are kind of cool but not too useful. This one could actually work as a small, cheap (if you already have one and fairly cheap even if you don’t) controller. I especially like that it emulates something a little more exotic than a simple keyboard style synth which might make it a useful addition to someone’s already existent midi setup.

    Pretty nifty all around. I wonder if the author will develop other interfaces for it… with a touch screen the possibilities are almost limitless. Imagine a drum set that you play with a stylus!

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