DC Entries: Almost Done

We finally came to a decision about the winner of the Design Challenge! (But I’m not telling you until Friday.) Before the winner is announced, there are some more entries that deserve attention.

First, there’s [Henk]’s g-force meter. It’s based on an ATiny26 micro-controller, 30 LEDs to display the force and the ADXL103 accelerometer.

There’s an adaptation of the no parts pic programmer, by [Patrick].

[Evan] sent in his PIC prototyping board using the monster PIC18F4550.

I’ll have one more batch of entries later this week, and the winner will be announced on Friday. Yes really. I’m going to give it a few days just to make sure that all of our DNS issues have cleared up.

6 thoughts on “DC Entries: Almost Done

  1. ok, just to point out, the 18f4550 project is the same thing as the create USB device. this is not a new project, his schematic is the same, and there are only 3 lines of code in the boot loader changed. hope this is not the winner.

  2. @nexis – the circuits and bootloader firmwares are the same because they’re both built from the same reference design – the official Microchip FS USB demo board. The design contest guidelines asked for a ‘useful circuit’, and ‘proto board’ was a suggestion. The purpose of my entry is a compact prototyping board for those interested in PIC USB interfacing, not a novel design.

  3. The NOPPP is ancient.I made one a long time ago. I don’t understand why it wasn’t more popular. I got the source code for the linux driver for it somewhere. I made some changes to the code to add the 16f628 .I programmed and verified a 16f628 chip with it but never tested the chip or made a circuit with it to check if it was programmed right. Does anyone know why it would NOT program a 16f628 or others if the code was updated?

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