AVR modified EV charger

[Gary]’s built some nice AVR projects. The most interesting is the charge controller/monitor he built for his EV Porsche. Each board controls a charger – with one charger per battery. When the system isn’t charging the batteries, it provides real-time data to a VFD display in the dashboard of the 1978 Porsche 924. Hopefully he’ll notice the spike in traffic and will update the charger project page.

Bulletproof PC case

Not our typical fare, but I can’t resist. [RCarter] is building a PC from scratch with a single unique feature – it’s designed to be bulletproof. Apparently, when it’s done he’s going to take it out back and teach it a lesson. Right now he’s more concerned with shock-proofing the hardware. Most people do this sort of thing at the end of the PC’s useful life.

Accessing the RPM sensor on a pc fan

This one is almost too simple, but it might come in handy. It turns out that Pabst fans (and probably several others) already have the circuitry for RPM monitoring. Pop it apart allow pcb access and add your own RPM sensor lead to the PC board. Not all fans will have it, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll have an RPM sensor instead of a rotor lock indicator on the common PC board component.

My motors finally came extra

I’ll be hiding out in my workshop tonight, so I figured I’d give you guys a little extra today.

[Ashish] added a servo to his laserpointer/webcam range finder to give his microbric robot the ability to navigate before moving.
[Fredrick] got really motivated, built his own apple I clone and programmed it to play life.

[natetrue] built a sweet wireless motion sensor. [via hacknmod]

[sprite_tm] made a mechanical web page hit counter.

Some people, like [Nuri], really enjoy pain.

Finally, [chad]’s got a different idea on alternative uses for the Wiimote.