Hack Some Bling Extra

I’ve been getting some good looking mods on the tips line, so I thought it was time for a bit of bling on Hack-A-Day.

[f00-F00] sent in his ever so lightly modded iPod. It’s a bit similar to his force feedback PSP mod, but in this case, the leds lighting up the clear case are music sensitive.

The not too shabby looking [flooky] sent in her latest use for the SEGA Dreamcast, a guitar. (Hopefully soon to have three more strings.)

[crait] decided to steal 5v to power a Dreamcast VMU from his PS/2 port.

Oh, and if you dig our logo, you might be amused by skulladay.

I’ve got my travel plans for Defcon 15 set up. [Eliot] will certainly be skulking around vegas, so we’ll see you there.

8 thoughts on “Hack Some Bling Extra

  1. you know that fake clear plastic ipod that comes with your ipod case i shoved all my components in to that cace (cutting out the iopd weel placeholder and same with the screen) i diddent fuse it together yet so i think i will compile a simaler avr program that controls each light individually i mean i have like 100 smd blue leds and a friend that can make those fixable cables

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