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  1. A super easy way to do this using a Nintendo DS (66MHz ARM9 + 4MB RAM, much nicer than a GB/GBC) is by using the DSerial. It gives 18 GPIO lines, has PWM, ADC, UART with RS232 level compatibility, as well as a 2D tilt sensor for the heck of it. You can basically use it to interface to anything. Check it out here:

    I’m trying to build a NDS-based heart monitor with mine, check my blog to see my progress on it: http://blog.davr.org/

  2. That is officially the coolest thing I have seen today.

    I would love to have a how-to on er… how to do this.

    I have a gameboy color that is just gathering dust right now. This could be a fun way to get some more life out of it.

  3. i started off with this version – GameBrain Ver 1
    which is taken from the ‘gameboy project’ http://marc.rawer.de/Gameboy/index.html . Much respect to the man, all his work.
    There is an amazing PDF on his site that does explain everything but it involves making your own, so, i will do a ‘how-to follow the pdf’ page asap. This will involve home etching and a parts list, and a few thing i felt the pdf left out, all pretty easy stuff, no smd, and cost about 5 quid per cart.

    You can do anything with these cart including sensors, actuators and communication such as serial and midi – woohoo

    Also the rom is on the page, it uses a basic shell then a really simple program written in GBBasic so lots of loops and bleeps, kiddy programming really but then i am an not techno wizard, i just love the creative use of technology. – jo

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