DIY DS Lite RumblePak

This one’s been making the blog rounds, but it really fits us. Nintendo makes one, but this instructables tells you how to make your own for a DS lite. It uses a PIC 12F675 to read the input line and activate a vibration motor from an old nokia cell phone.

Oh, speaking of instructables, I forgot to mention that they finally picked a winner for their laser etching machine. Of course, if you lack the budget, you can make your own for $60.

6 thoughts on “DIY DS Lite RumblePak

  1. wow, this is funny. I have a RuMbLe PaK and have found that the voltage output for the solid-state vibrator (kinda redundant, huh? it runs on alternating electromagnetic fields) is pretty good for running some LED strips in parallel.

    Although I haven’t implemented the actual LEDs ( I never bought them but will eventually), I have transferred the guts of my DS into a crystal-clear case so that the LED arrays can fit inside and light up my DS instead of “vibrate” it. (Nintendo’s vibrator is soooooooooooo weak, it really just makes noise.)

    here are some pics of my DS currently.

    – Jordan

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