High Power TVBGone

[Ladyada]’s been busy lately. [bladdo] wrote in to tell me that she put together an extra powerful kit version of the TVBgone. This one’s supposed to be good for over 100 feet. If you really, really want to get your ass kicked during the super bowl, this baby in a sports bar should do the trick. There’s an optional programming header, so you could program it to turn every TV onto the SciFi channel.

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20 thoughts on “High Power TVBGone

  1. Give it a timer function. That way you can set it to fire every 5 minutes or so. You can conveniently be in the bathroom when it goes off, thereby keeping said ass from being kicked at the sports bar.

  2. @3: I’d have it so that it detects rising sound levels in the bar. Why? Because people yell when it starts getting exciting. It detects an elevated sound level (people yelling corresponds with an exciting bit) and fires, turning the TV off at crucial moments!

  3. to #3 irleds can be as cheep as $0.25 a peace adding a small focus over the whole rig is a good way to get more distance but you shouldent half to go out of ur way to get some expensive glass rig made and you dont need to aim it

  4. What I would do is build this kit into a dummy or old cell phone. Put the button on the keypad, so you can descretly “dial” your phone and off the tv goes. You could hide the leds on the side so it was less noticable. Also an older cell phone should have room to put the batteries around, or you might be able to sponge off the cell battery itself.

  5. I wonder if an SMD version LED throwie model would work?

    You could conceivably get in position to switch off lots of TV’s (Not in a department store :), or maybe you are evil) every 10/15 minutes :D, and it should last a couple days at least, shouldn’t it?

  6. Heh… If you had either a specific timer, or an audio monitor… it would really be easy to just plop it in a bar somewhere in view of the TV and leave it there for a while. For instance – house it in a nice bit of project housing and put some double sided sticky on it and put it under a table pointed at the TVs. Another option, if the tables have decorations, make it “become” part of the decorations… I’m sure there are all sorts of fun things you could do with this and a little creativity!

  7. OK, neighbor askes you to feed the dog while he is out of town… just remove the led, soldier it directly onto the led reciever inside the tv. get the power from the tv instead of batteries. have it set to go off every 20 minutes. ^^
    bam! neigbor comes home… tv keeps shutting off… (it wouldnt turn it back on b/c it only has pwer when tv is on) so he doesnt realize its a prank… puts it on the side of the road.. free 60″ hdtv!!

    this is unethical–be a bastard at own initiative… this is for prank reasons only… any tv selling you do is your own business and in no way related to this comment. (so i cannot be blamed)

  8. man this thing rocks first of all and second why the hell doesnt everybody else have one

    i work in a mall where there are a ton of stores well on my break i took a stroll and was turning tvs off everywhere including gamestop which was my favorite because some little kids were playing the demo thing and i kept turning the tv on and off messing with them hahahahahahahahaha i highly recommend this to everybody even if its not this one any one its just plain fun!^_^

  9. i built a small version of this into an old mobil phone and used a smal telescopic sight aswell to increase the range. works very well, the botton is the center button of the phone

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