DIY Servo Motor Controller

[Jim Fong] sent in this demo of his version of the UHU servo motor controller. [Uli Huber] has actually shipped over 2500 controllers for the servo. He doesn’t charge much for the chips, and only asks for something like a token beer in return for his work. I used [Jim]s boards in my mini mill controller, so I know he does good work. This servo controller really is a big deal. It can handle high power, and servo motors are *the* way to build a fast milling/robotics setup.

If you’re into Cons, you might be interested that the first round of Shmoocon tickets went up for sale today – looks like they’re already out, so keep your eyes open if you want to go. It’s a decent con that takes place in DC. I know that I’m planning to be there.

12 thoughts on “DIY Servo Motor Controller

  1. [3] no. A stepper motor is an open-loop system, which means there is no position feedback. You can lose track of position if you push it too hard. A servo system is CLOSED loop: there is an encoder that keeps track of rotational position. Steppers are simpler and cheaper. Servo motors are less cheap, but can really fly.

  2. Servo motors do not use steppers with encoders.

    Servo’s use standard DC motors (or brushless) with an encoder on the back. Or a pot that tells the motor how much it has left to turn.

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