Happy Halloween Extra

Happy Halloween! I’m in the mood for an extra, and I’ve got some stuff that’s been turning to zombies from the tipline.
Pictured above is a nice simple LED pumpkin sent in by [John]- perfect for the hacker with less than stellar art skills.
Let’s not forget [mastershake]s Hack-A-Day pumpkin from last year. Where’s the THAD pumpkin you promised? [Wolfgang] sent in these mini pumpkin bots – they look like toys, but they’re made from XBox parts and radio control cars.
Last year Max sent in his talking Halloween basket. (I always wanted to strap that voice module to a co-workers chair…)
[Brandon] built a budget (~$150) guitar hero controller out of a Gibson Epoch guitar from target.
This scanner cam has been around for a while, but I admire how he keeps fine tuning and tweaking the design. Thanks to [Loopymind] for passing it along.
I keep getting emails telling me that Google Earth has a flight simulator. Yes. We all know about it.

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Extra

  1. $150.00 for a incredibly crappy looking hacked up guitar hero controller? Oh my GOD!

    I’m gonna take an axe to a set of drums and put a casio keyboard in the kick, can I get featured on hack a day?

    how about a guitar hero real guitar hack that actually looks good and works 100%?

  2. Regarding the scancam, I wonder if he has figured out yet that white pvc doesn’t block light very well.
    In the last picture on the site he mentions that he’s getting white bars when the camera is in direct sunlight, but only when the lens is facing away from the light…

  3. @Eldorel: The pvc pipe is 1/4″ thick, no light gets through there. The shroud over the scanner head, though, is much thinner plastic, so that could be a possible source of the problem. I have not investigated the problem further since I posted about it.

    @goldscott: That is the plan for my next attempt. Get a more reliable scanner and a used SLR camera body and lens to mate to the scanner head. My first attempt used pretty much what I had on hand (except for the lazy susan bearing). I was quite pleased with the results, given the shortcomings.

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