SDI Mod Your DVD Player

I’m not usually into products, but I like this one. Remember this diy SDI DVD video out mod which lets you send high quality digital video over coax? Thanks to Pixel Magic, you can mod a variety of DVD players to add SDI thanks to the kit they’re offering. At a glance, bt.656 and bt.601 appear pretty similar, but the eval kit from the original only claims to be compatible with bt.601 while the Pixel Magic version is for bt.656.

7 thoughts on “SDI Mod Your DVD Player

  1. Nice Idea, and I actually could use this application – however PixMagic charges $150.00 for this little bugger. Is this really worth it? Can’t I buy a DVD with coax already or is the quality worth that price?

    You tell me

  2. as with the original post, i’m curious what displays accept an SDI input? if this is supposed to be a cheap solution for SDI, wouldn’t we still need a capture device or some high end display? am i missing something?? i found SDI to DVI-D adapters… would this type of mod allow for very long cable runs? might be worth the $$$ in that case.

  3. I think this is more about putting an SDI card in a PC and capturing the decrypted and decoded data stream. Sure, you’ll need to reencode it if you want to save it in a compressed format on your machine (and that’s a lossy step) but it renders any tricky encryption or other content protection schemes irrelevant.

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