10 thoughts on “Soekris Laser Guided Squirrel Trap

  1. @james: no you’re not…. that’s the very first thing i thought of, but i’m too lazy to post :-p

    by the way, this could actually be a good idea if made on a bigger scale… ie. put it on the back entrance of some corporate building, activate it on night, trap thieves/intruders and take photos of ’em (not necesarily when entering, they could enter through the roof or something, but they’d very likely have to exit thru the back door)

  2. I had a customer who owned a bunch of apartment buildings. In one of them, someone kept robbing the laundry change machines. One day after many attempts of figuring out who it is, who rigged the machine so that when opened, it permanently locked the door into the laundry room and sounded an alarm. I wish I could have been there when he was caught. (And the person WAS caught)

  3. I love digital electronics as much as anybody, but it strikes me as wasteful to put such a powerful microcomputer to use running logic that could be replicated with a single transistor. As for the camera, if you must know precisely when something gets caught, rather than implementing a beeper or something, you could add a second laser (to reduce the chance of false alarms) wire everything up to an old cell phone, and buy a prepaid sim card for it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I bet that would be a hell of alot cheaper, not to mention you could run it on batteries that way.

  4. Neat project but an embedded PC is complete over kill for this.
    I would have used an ATiny,PIc 12Fxx or even a PICAXE controller.
    If I needed more features including web update I’d use a rabbit 2000 or an 8052 and perform com over a Zigbee.
    The latter two can even query a cell phone camera module for a low res pic of what ever is in the trap.

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