Two Degrees Of Ben Heck How-To’s

[Ryan] sent in [Bill]’s project to build his own JAMMA arcade game console. It’s actually a take off from one of [Ben Heck]’s how-tos, but I thought it might interest people who think that they can’t pull off any of the projects we feature on their own. We definitely like to show off some original, complex hacks, but success stories can be just as inspiring.

7 thoughts on “Two Degrees Of Ben Heck How-To’s

  1. thats what i’m talking about dude, i mean i suck at this whole stuff, i’m stupid when it comes to electronics but i still like to visit hack a day, i like to read about stuff i can attempt on my own

  2. Awesome, I wasn’t expecting to see myself on here this morning. Yeah the video converter is from Ben Heck, but the NES controller converter is original (a simple PIC design). I love the NES Advantage!

  3. SuperGuns are easy to build, it’s basically a lot of point A to point B wiring. This guy made some components from scratch, which is awesome, but if you used NeoGeo controllers, and bought a prefab video converter, you could even build one without (almost) any soldering.

    Very fun and easy project, with a million variations, mods, etc. that you could add on later, or integrate from the start. Nothing like the real thing :)

  4. I was a little kid when ghostbusters 2 came out. Seeing that picture made me instantly flash back to the part where they were controlling the supernaturally enhanced statue of liberty with a NES advantage!

    which is an awesome controller, btw

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