Bump Key Experiments

[Barry] took one of his blog readers comments to heart and started wondering just what happens when you bump a lock. As suggested, he made a cut away lock core and started experimenting. [Barry] doesn’t have a high speed camera, so he tried some alternatives like filling the chambers with grease to indicate pin movement. Master Lock put together a nice video demo of lock bumping (in order to sell their new bump stop gear).

14 thoughts on “Bump Key Experiments

  1. 3: Buy a blank from somewhere that makes copies, or have them copy an existing key of the same type. You can then use a file to turn this standard key into a bump key.

  2. watch the video “lockpicking for the new millennium” its priceless, goes in depth on almost every lock available and how to get around it. alot of the techniques are easy once you grasp the concept. the video was put out by South Ordinance, if you wanna buy it or any other lock pick gear they got nice stuff. heh, thanks to theyre folding keychain set i always keep my picks on me.

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