Flying RC Penis Violates Chessmaster’s Airspace

A speech by famed chess player Garry Kasparov was interrupted Saturday by a remote controlled flying penis. Since many of you are at work or school we’ll leave all the pictures, videos, and tasteless jokes after the break.

LOLDongs definitely aren’t the main order of business in this office, but we have to admire the child like glee the builder of this contraption must have experienced. RC helicopters definitely are our expertise as we’ve covered several mini RC helicopter projects before: using an IR camera for position tracking, quad-copters at CCCamp, and basic building tips, but never anything so… turgid.

While first watching the video, we too were struck by the similarities to the infamous griefing attack on Second Life land baron Anshe Chung in 2006. While there doesn’t appear to be any hard evidence this was inspired by its virtual counterpart it is interesting to see the crossover into the real world. In both cases, the end result is the same: a room full of chuckles, an embarrassed speaker, and the blogosphere suddenly becomes dick pundits. At least we can agree on this: some things just weren’t meant to be airborne.

30 thoughts on “Flying RC Penis Violates Chessmaster’s Airspace

  1. Thank god it was just a harmless heli, and not something with a bigger payload of say, oh I don’t know… Ink or smoke. Then that bodygaurd would be a bigger dick than the helicopter.

  2. This is just too fn funny. That bodyguard acts like he’s secret service. You know he was preparing for the worst, thinking “what on earth is it going to shoot from the head” Would have been an even sweeter hack if it had dropped a load on someone.

  3. For future reference, some of us open batches of RSS items at a time, from work, and thus get pictures even if they’re “hidden” after the break. Just sayin’.

  4. Anyone got a translation avaliable? He made a comment after the bodyguard went Hulk (COCK SMAAAASH!) and everyone laughed… Makes me wish I could understand Russian, but I barely have a grasp on English and the trio or Latin flavors.

  5. Somebody should make a bunch of penis swarm bots and release them in a tennis game or something. 250 weenies-on-wheels zig zagging around a tennis court would be a freaking riot!

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