Wireless Hacking With The OLPC XO

Not even a week ago we asked what we should do with our OLPC XO. InformIT’s [Seth Fogie] has written a great two part article that covers turning it into a hacker toolkit. Part one is an overview of the OLPC, how to upgrade it, and do some usability tweaks. Part two covers installing Nessus, Metasploit, and doing some wireless sniffing. We’ll be building our own little green monster based on this and let you know how it goes.

[via Slashdot]

10 thoughts on “Wireless Hacking With The OLPC XO

  1. I almost wish i had one of these to screw with. Not like I don’t have enough projects to work on right now. I love all of the new stuff coming out, but you might want to call the sight hacks-a-day. Cheesy I know.

  2. you’re probably much better off just installing that software on an eee.. or a nice smartphone or something. My xo rules, but it’s not exactly “conspicuous” whether you have script-kiddie stuff or not.

  3. i think in order to get one you had to sign up for their program that basically you order one for $200, and at the same time, you are required to order a second one for $200 that would be sent to a child in a third world country.

  4. Hi, I work with this “laptops” here in Uruguay, so I’m wondering: What would you like to see photos of?
    chashing agaisnt a wall? dropping it from a building? I don’t know, you ask I take photos :P
    This is no joke, this machines are not so good as everybody is saying on the internet, the got hundreds of errors and probles (I got about 100 of them per day for repair)

  5. Hi all.

    I just wanna say that this project is for getting
    cheap communications to poor children.
    Here I see greedy adult talking about making hacking machines.
    GET A LIFE……. If you had money to buy one ( and get two ) Let the poor get them both and buy a cheep laptop for you’r Bu..Shi.. THis world has
    to many hackers to play around with no brain and social understanding.
    BUY ONE , GET TWO , HELP TWO insteast of one….
    Understand my point !!!!!!!!!!!

    This is about communicacion and learning in poor countries and all of you just only buy to get one
    for your self . NOT HELPING POOR PEOPLE:
    Help others to make this world better.

    BUY ONE GIVE TWO anybody understand or are ya all just CrapHead.

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    That’s why people are affraid off uss, sharing all
    off you are greedy and don’t wanna let others have
    the same as your self.
    Buy Two Give them both to the poor you had money enough to do this and yes i would do it when i have the money.
    I have a lot off computers if I was like you I run
    out and buy one just for getting one myself.
    YEDRRRRRRRKKKK gee PURKE PURKE Im getting sick
    just reading.

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