RoboGames 2008 This Weekend

The fifth annual RoboGames is happening this weekend in San Francisco. RoboGames is a broad reaching competition designed to bring together specialists in all areas of robotics. Last year’s event had 800 entries in 62 different events. The biggest audience draw is definitely the combat robots shown in the video above, but there are other skill and task based competitions. If you’re in the area, this is definitely worth your time. Check out ROBOT magazine’s coverage from last year to get an idea of what you’ll see (or in our case miss).

[thanks io9]

5 thoughts on “RoboGames 2008 This Weekend

  1. I think it was one of the other competitions, but I saw a combat robots series where the teams were allowed to surrender. This was RIDICULOUS. Now I know that such projects take an immense amount of time, effort, and money, but these people get so attached that just as they lose a wheel or something and their opponent goes in for the kill, and everyone gets excited, they surrender and nothing happens. RobotWars in the UK was brilliant because they didn’t have this shit.

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