Stabilized Video Collages

This is some beautiful work. The clip features multiple video streams stabilized and then assembled into a whole. First, [ibftp] used the “Stabilize” feature in Motion 3 (part of Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2) to remove the camera shake from the clips. Then he was able to blend the videos with “fusion” set to “multiplication”. If you’ve got access to the tools, this shouldn’t be too hard to do yourself. We’re certain someone in SIGGRAPH is already attempting to do the same thing live. If you want to see image stabilization really making a difference, have a look at the stabilized version of the Zapruder film embedded below.

[via Waxy]

3 thoughts on “Stabilized Video Collages

  1. This is cool, but i just know that if this effects gets much play, someone is gonna cheat and make some plugin that takes one video source and breaks it up into a bunch of floating pieces like this, and pretend that it came from multiple sources. :(

  2. Well I knew by the first frame what the second video was of but not from what it was called. Please put a warning about the graphic content, in the text of your post.

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