Wii Upgrade Breaks Twilight Hack

Nintendo’s latest menu upgrade for the Wii, version 3.3, has broken the long standing Twilight Hack. In the past, you could load a hacked Twilight Princess save game to execute arbitrary code. After the upgrade, the Wii now deletes the hacked save game. The Homebrew Channel seems to have remained intact. So, if you’ve already added it and you upgrade, you should be fine. There’s no telling how long before homebrew code will be completely locked out though.

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9 thoughts on “Wii Upgrade Breaks Twilight Hack

  1. A very small article for a very big news update. Fails to mention that this update bricks some wiis running the homebrew channel (very small chance), and that this update also deletes illegitimate virtual console files. Illegit Wiiware remains untested. The update also include IOS37 which will stop trucha signed code from running, including the datel freeloader. However the update does not use the IOS37, just puts it on your wii, allowing it to be implemented in the near future, effectively eliminating all homebrew.

  2. No, sorry, you have it all wrong. This update does not brick anything, does not do anything with VC warez, and only affects the fakesign bug and the Twilight Hack. We already have a workaround for the latter (should be out soon), and we’ve had a workaround for the former for a while (more than one, in fact).

    The update does not include IOS37 anymore than the older update included it. IOS37 is unused. Instead, they backported the fixed code from IOS37 into the older IOS30 that the system menu used (and still uses). IOS30 is therefore like IOS37 now, but it doesn’t affect homebrew at all because already-installed stuff isn’t verified and we can install anything using any other nonfixed IOS. Just like I’ve said about three billion times now, ever since IOS37 came out. Heck, I even tested IOS37 with the System Menu back then and proved that it didn’t affect homebrew apps.

    This is nothing but a small bump in the road. It will be fixed by, oh, this afternoon.

    Please try to get your facts straight next time.

    Short version: this does not affect existing homebrew users, and we have working workarounds for new users that will be out asap.

  3. @”the jake”: Stop spreading hearsay. The update does not brick Wiis running the homebrew channel. The update does not delete virtual console files. Considering the update contains a “trucha”-bugfixed IOS30 to be used by the current system menu, the fact that IOS37 is supplied is irrelevant.

    Check http://hackmii.com/ for exciting updates in the next few hours.

  4. The Twiizers Team has fixed the update ;) We have Zelda hack again.

    Also… the Nintento update is compiled at 6th March. That’s means the official actualizations must pass a lot of burocracy to be released.

    (excuse my poor english ;))

  5. so this doe’t erse the HBC or any other wads we installed before the update right. I don’t want to lose my custom smash bros vc game, (the only thing i used the wad installer for)

  6. I was worried for a minute then, the day I go buy a classic controller nintendo update their firmware. Luckily it doesnt affect hacked wad files, or else that would have been a waste of money.

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