Animatronic Stuffed Animals Stripped Bare

For those who have ever wondered what Chicken-Dancing Elmo’s mechanical parts look like without the fur and the chicken costume (and who among us hasn’t?), [Matt Kirkland] posted the photos above, along with several other animatronic, walking, talking and other mechanical stuffed toys stripped of all their fur and stuffing. These before and after shots were ostensibly taken for unspecified “research purposes,” but if you ask us, any research that takes a knife to Elmo is the most valid kind.

[via Kottke]

4 thoughts on “Animatronic Stuffed Animals Stripped Bare

  1. reminds me of my childhood, opening up every toy and electronic device I could get my hands on “just to see what it looked like inside”.

    The stubborn ones that did not have screws or other easy-opening procedures came to an unfortunate demise: back then “cracking” had a completely different meaning and usually involved the device becoming a high-speed projectile into the side of a brick wall, or finding itself at the brute end of a sledge hammer.

    Unsurprisingly, I always managed to open everything up, revealing the internal electronic and mechanical components inside… albeit not always in one piece.

  2. @ #1 califrag

    l totally agree, l used a hammer/rock/threw on concrete the toys that were glued or molded together, then l discovered the utility knife, just last year l was in home depot and discovered the mini-hacksaw, now no molded/glued device can escape my machinations, and bonus is that l can use it to make my modded stuff, like this portable console:

    l suggest that no modder/cracker be without a mini-hacksaw (the full-size is really overkill, and can even be dangerous when cutting small things like molded connector shells or pcb)

    Micro-Mark part # 60661 :

    l am pretty sure it was less than $10 at Home Depot for one and a 5-pack of replacement blades. lf you are cutting plastic they should last a while, although l destroyed a few cutting 1/4″ all-thread and binding the blade in aluminum stock

  3. Reminds me of my Talking Teddy Ruxpin from about 22 years ago… it broke so my dad tore off his skin (to fix it) only to reveal the horror of “killer robo teddy ruxpin” i was scarred for life.

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