Wii Menu 3.3 Already Circumvented

Well, that didn’t take long. Three days after the release of the Wii Menu 3.3 update (which prevents homebrew loading on the Wii by killing a special hack), the update has been circumvented. The update targeted the ubiquitous Twilight Hack, which allows homebrew software to be loaded from the Wii’s SD card slot by using a special game save. The team at HackMii were quick to disassemble, analyze, and scoff at the update, with member [bushing] quipping “we are not impressed.” The team found bug exploits for new code in the the update that cause it to ignore the Twilight Hack. They have yet to release the fix to the public, but its likely that they’ll do so at least as fast as they developed it.

[via Wii Fanboy]
[photo: cibomahto]

3 thoughts on “Wii Menu 3.3 Already Circumvented

  1. Nothing’s been released yet.
    They found the bugs within 6-8 hrs.

    So… not much has changed. He released the disassembled code to see if anyone else can find the bugs (and more if possible)

  2. I know it’s contrary to the “hacker spirit” and all, but I still haven’t taken the homebrew plunge on Wii yet.

    Mostly, I’m worried about bricking the console or at least being unable to play future commercial games. But I don’t have a lot of “drive” to do it either — the hardware is really not capable of much, and anything I might want to do on it I could do a lot better on my PS3 or laptop, both of which are on the same TV as the Wii…

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