AirPiano: Touch Free IR Piano

We were excited to learn of [Omer Yosha]’s AirPiano, but being the persnickety nerds we are, we think its more like a theremin than a piano. The device lets users play 24 different notes with a wave of the hand over the AirPiano. The “keys” are arranged in a matrix of three tiers with eight notes per tier; if the user sustains his or her hand over the AirPiano, the corresponding note is sustained.

It’s construction is relatively simple: an Arduino, several infrared sensors, and LEDs corresponding to the notes make up the device. It doesn’t have any built-in audio hardware at all, so it’s most basic use is as a MIDI controller. Still, it is essentially an unspecified input device, so it could theoretically be used for other purposes. For us, it’s fun to just watch the AirPiano in action.

6 thoughts on “AirPiano: Touch Free IR Piano

  1. Cool, seems a little laggy, would have liked to see a demo with other sounds with quicker attack/decay like drums.

    This really reminds me commercial product SOUNDBEAM

    Those things are super expensive, would be really awesome if the heads got together to reverse engineer this thing and bring us a similar cheap DIY solution.

  2. Today was in germany smthin about the airpiano on [3sat] – and an interview with omer.
    there was also how to make ur own multitouch display so if you want to put smthing here, C-base e.v has open source software for multitouch

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