Really Bare Bones Board Arduino Clone

Modern Device’s Really Bare Bones Board is an Arduino clone designed to have an incredibly small footprint. It’s barely wider than the requisite AVR and is laid out so you can reduce the size even further. Don’t need the power connector? Just snip it off. Don’t need the voltage regulator? That can be removed just as easily. The kit is only $12 and all through-hole components. [youevolve] posted a build guide that shows exactly how easy it is to assemble.

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7 thoughts on “Really Bare Bones Board Arduino Clone

  1. What it comes down to is: if you just want to experiment, get the arudino, but if you want to develop, and then embed a uc into a project, develop on the arduino, and transplant or program the uc on the RBBB

  2. Any particular reason to go with an Arduino over this on a breadboard? The RBBB is smaller and cheaper and seems to have all the same functions.

    For what it’s worth, these guys also sell an assembled one for only $6 more.

  3. The biggest difference between this and the official Arduino is the USB circuitry is not on the board. Programming is handled with a USB-to-TTL serial cable. This means if you have a project requiring a USB connection (like my Northern Lights Indicator you will need to add this $20 part to the total project cost. Otherwise, you will only need a single cable to program multiple boards.

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