Pulse, The Emotional Visualization Organism

[Markus Kison] built a device called Pulse, which is part art installation and part data visualization tool. What the emotional visualization organism called Pulse actually does is scan new posts on Blogger.com blogs for synonyms of keywords related to 24 distinct emotions from eight emotional groups. A red cone in the center expands when keywords are detected, in effect acting as a mood indicator for Blogger.com blogs.

The 24 distinct emotions are based on [Robert Plutchik]’s psychoevolutionary theory of emotion, and the device itself is built from a glass case, various servo motors, and custom controller for the servos. This is a compelling idea, but we wonder whether it scans for modifying words or just the keywords alone. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have the sadness region expand drastically if many people simultaneously post the sentence “I’m not sad at all.” Video embedded after the break.

[via information aesthetics]

4 thoughts on “Pulse, The Emotional Visualization Organism

  1. I can see the use of such a device, as a general mood indicator, but I share the same concerns about how this system discerns context (if at all.) However, I think it would be interesting to turn this device onto another site, like say, facebook, and see if there are any corolations. Or worse, change the perameters, and turn it onto a ‘sex stories’ site.

  2. when will the pseudo-art end?! its getting ridiculous.

    oh and if you want a 3d data visualization tool get an lcd screen and learn opengl. it feels like junk science meets led throwies with a pinch of vanity.

  3. @jeff

    It’s not pseudo-art. Just because it’s not the art you look at… (and by that I mean you probably try to find all the paintings of tits in an art museum).. does not mean it isn’t art.
    Also you’re latter comment bugged me. The point of this was that it’s tangible and real. It displays human emotion and it’s easier for a human to relate to a real life object. (Well.. apparently not you. You seem to only relate to the virtual world, which must be very damaging to your perspective on life. Go outside.. make something with your own two hands and live. (Not saying coding can’t be rewarding in it’s own rights.. but sometimes you need something more …real)

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