Nokia Haptikos Patent Application Reveals Its Technology

We’ve been waiting for more information on the Nokia Haptikos, the haptic feedback touchscreen announced last October and largely forgotten until now. We knew that it would be a device that could raise sections
of its touchscreen to simulate the feel of buttons or keys, we just weren’t sure how Nokia would pull that off.
Now we have a better idea, as Nokia’s recent patent filing for the Haptikos gives away some juicy details.

The secret behind the device’s feedback is a “plurality of closely spaced voltage controllable protuberances,” or in other words, several small fluid filled compartments just under the screen’s surface. Under them are several piezoelectric members that can be controlled independently; when they extend upward, they apply pressure to the fluid compartments, raising the surface of the screen in that area.

Nokia has yet to work out all the kinks, but you can see the parts that do work by downloading the Haptikos patent application (PDF file).

[via Engadget]

3 thoughts on “Nokia Haptikos Patent Application Reveals Its Technology

  1. i have the voyager (touch screen phone with keypad) and i have gota say IT SUCKS i have also had the iphone IMPOSABLE TO TEXT i would be really interested in geting this phone if it allows software to be made for it

  2. Most of the newsy stories on this site I’m fine with, but I’m really not a fan of these engadget reposts. It just means I’m reading the same news twice, and it kinda makes the poster seems lazy.

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