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Instructables user [ManaEnergyPotion] has posted a rather humorous Bluetooth handset hack. He simply took apart an airsoft handgun and a Bluetooth headset, and then placed the components neatly within the case. The earpeice is actually in the barrel of the gun, while the microphone is in the handle. You pull the trigger to answer a call, or to end a call. The best part is that they took this to the iPhone product launch, and posted a video of people’s reaction to this as an actual product concept. You can check it out after the break.


36 thoughts on “IGiveUp Bluetooth Handset

  1. Why not a bluetooth headset in the shape of an iPhone*?

    No seriously, bear with me, if you splashed out a bundle on an iPhone the last thing you want is some lowlife scum mugging you for it whilst in the middle of a call, but what if you were using your bluetooth headset that looked exactly like an iPhone – all they’d get is a novelty bluetooth headset whilst your real iPhone is kept safe in your pocket.

    *or any other phone, in fact you could hack apart an old, dead mobile and install a bluetooth headset in it

  2. I want to see someone take this on a plane or other “high security” platform such as a train station. Also, it would be nice if the headset was rigged to have cool gun sound effects; perhaps, when you get a call your iPhone should scream, “Don’t do it!” — something classy like that…

  3. SCOTTMAN- “perhaps, when you get a call your iPhone should scream, “Don’t do it!” — something classy like that…”


    //Wait… this isn’t fark… >.>

  4. @haku

    That’s ingenious! I’d put it inside of an old cell with nothing more than a text display though. I doubt anyone would target a guy with an obsolete phone, and it’d be less obvious as a fake if someone did try to get it off of you.

  5. I’m a little upset that no one has commented on the irresponsibility of this hack.

    I’m a former law enforcement officer, and a big believer in responsible use.
    Let’s face it, if you’re anti-gun, you’re going to freak at this kind of thing.
    If you’re OK with guns, you should freak at this kind of thing.
    Why on earth would you pull out something that looks like a gun, and point it at your head?

  6. l would expect this to be illegal (or at the least dangerous).

    The reason for the orange cap and “toy” colors on a toy gun is simple: to keep people from shooting you, tackling you, knifing you, running you over with a car, calling the police.

    lt is interesting though, l like the part where you appear to be a person talking to yourself with a gun to your head, interesting.

    Maybe we should take this in another direction, babelfish anyone?

  7. “Why on earth would you pull out something that looks like a gun, and point it at your head?”
    Right, and why would you make a cartoon about dropping a 15 ton safe on a coyote? It’s called humor. Decontextualized violence is funny.

    “l would expect this to be illegal (or at the least dangerous). The reason for the orange cap and “toy” colors on a toy gun is simple: to keep people from shooting you, tackling you, knifing you, running you over with a car, calling the police.”
    That’s pretty ridiculous. People don’t go around doing that even if you have a real gun and are really killing people with it (consider V Tech). I’ve never heard of anyone being hurt for having a fake gun by anyone except the police serving a warrant or detaining someone. The natural reaction of everyone else is to hesitate until it’s apparent what’s going on.

    Anyway, you clearly don’t know anyone who plays airsoft.

    “This is a “hey, he picked up the wrong gun” waiting to happen.”
    Come on! I’m not going to notice when I pick up a lump of plastic instead of a lump of metal? This is not TV, dude.

    Seriously people, you just stop thinking things through once the word “gun” is involved.

  8. Oh, forget accidents! Ha — here’s an ingenious prank for the owner of a sleek “Bluetooth Glock”…

    Pranker: “Oh man! You should’ve seen the look of that guy’s face when he realized we swapped his nifty toy for a real big-boy gun!”

    **Do not attempt**

  9. the “not hack” crowd is getting tough here. i saw this post is a good. someone took a toy, added some slightly modified electronics and made something different. not the greatest hack presented this week, but def good.

    now that i done defending hack a day (that sounds weird to me too). maybe a gun is not the safest choice, but it is good is a dark way. right on the edge. get a shirt that says “peace” in farsi and let the good times roll. :)

  10. sackofcatfood, do you know how many off duty chp, sheriff, police, national guard, navy, air force, wannabe heroes, army, etc are out there?

    Do this at your own risk, if you are dumb enough to make something look like a real gun, prepared to get tackled.

    Whether or not you believe that you will get accosted is irrelevant, your chances go up a whole lot just pulling stunts like this in public. (or do airsoft gun players go to the mall or downtown for battles?)

  11. @29: The humor has a delayed payoff. It’ll be hilarious when we read about this guy in the Darwin Awards, after he “answers his phone” while walking into a gov’t building and gains an extra couple of pounds in a span of ten seconds.

  12. Bizarre, it seems that my comment reposted. Sorry about that.

    It seems sackofcatfood just isn’t going to get the point.

    First, I do play airsoft. I’ve used it in training. Hell, I’m the medical and safety officer for one of the largest East Coast airsoft organizations.

    I’ve personally interviewed an officer who shot a teenager who threatened him with a gun. This gun later turned out to be airsoft gun.

    I’ve taught several law enforcement classes about airsoft guns. The universal consent on these items is “Yes, I could easily mistake this for a real gun”.

    It’s pretty clear that you don’t have any freaking clue as to the nature of firearms as it pertains to public safety.
    There isn’t an officer out there that can magically determine from 10-30 feet that the gun-like toy in your hand is not really a gun. Act like an idiot, and point that gun in the wrong direction, and you are going to get shot.
    Further, it is terrifying going up against someone with a gun, when they appear to be irrational. You have no concept of what they are going to do next. This is a very dangerous place to be.

    Bottomline: If you are brandishing a gun in public, you are going to be met by a law enforcement officer (or officers) who have their guns drawn. Not a good place to be.

    Use your freakin’ head. Consider the implications of your actions. Recognize that sometimes, people who talk about the dangers of guns aren’t knee jerk anti-gun nuts, but concerned citizens who want their ability to responsibly exercise their rights to continue unabated.

  13. Okay, guys, let’s pay attention here.

    This is a toy gun, with a bluetooth headset inside. It’s quite a clever idea.

    I don’t think the guy who made it is going to be stupid enough to use it in public. It’s just a clever stunt to show off his sense of humour and his hack-affinity.

    Oh, and tjhow, it IS a hack. There are many more kinds of hacks out there than the useful kind. This is one of those. It’s just suposed to present an original idea which has been realised by repurposing something to make something else. That is the modern spirit of the “hacker.”

    So stop being so serious. Yes, people who work for government agencies might find this incredibly unamusing, but that’s because they’ve been trained to be paranoid, and they know that if they came across a situation where this guy was holding a gun in public, they would react how they were trained to. Please lighten up, though. It’s just a gag.

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