IPhone Dev Team Shows Ssh Access

They still haven’t released the jailbreak yet, but the iPhone dev team hasn’t been sitting idly by either. They recently posted this video of ssh access on the iPhone 3G. Not only have they succeeded in hacking into the phone, they say that apple can’t fix it without a hardware change. Having root level access to the device opens up many more possibilities than just hooking an API.

2 thoughts on “IPhone Dev Team Shows Ssh Access

  1. Resistance is futile. But seriously, I understand that Apple wants to keep this device closed because they can see the $$$ potential from the sale of games and apps. As I own an earlier model of the iPod Touch that has been jailbroken, I can attest that the iphone/touch device is an amazing piece of hardware. It has become the PDA that I have always wanted. Apple, in attempting to close public development avenues, is preventing this device from reaching it’s full potential. They should embrace the opportunity and give the users an option open to keep it closed and use the iTunes store, or open it up and run whatever you want. I just dont understand the logic in preventing this.

    Good luck devteam! I hope you can keep this platform open for those of us that desire more than Apple decides we should be able to have!

  2. It’s quite simple: Apple wants your phone to be just like your Xbox, where the manufacturer has to sign a seal of approval for absolutely anything that goes on it — because then, they can *charge money* for that seal of approval. It might not be your (or my) favorite method of revenue generation, but experience shows it works pretty well. It’s been here for a long time, and it probably won’t go away any time soon.

    If you want an open platform, buy a Windows Mobile phone — ironic, yes, but true. Sure, you could get a Linux-based phone, but frankly there’s nothing of merit you can do on one that you can’t do in WM6. (If you disagree with that sentiment, I’d love to be proved wrong.)

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