SONAR Controlled USB Missile Launcher

Check out this add on for that cheap USB missile launcher we know you bought last year. It uses ultrasonic sensors to provide sonar feedback for the aiming system. A PIC 18F455 drives a servo to aim the sensor and massage the signal from the sensor. It still depends on a PC application to put everything together. If you’d rather play with faster hardware, keep your eyes open for this years defcon bots contest.

5 thoughts on “SONAR Controlled USB Missile Launcher

  1. Just modify that USB missile launcher to trigger a solenoid when it fires the “missile”, mount a loaded Glock with the solenoid on the trigger and you’ve got a decent intruder (or cubicle vandal) eliminator system.

    Just be sure to find a way to disarm it before getting into range yourself. Unless, of course, your name is Remo Williams…


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